South Nashville - The Good Old Days






















Now is your time to help. You can have your photos of the old neighborhood added to the web page. If you have photos in the family album of older homes and street scenes in this area. You can have them appear on this web site and even have your photo credited to you. The directions for submitting photos appear on the last photo page. Please Contribute.

Homes at No.40 and 42 Rutledge Street

(photo submitted by the family of John Baugh)


Fire Hall at 2nd Ave. So. and Middleton   To the left stands Litterer Labs. This huge building was once a part of the Medical School. The top floor contained a huge open atrium with seating for student lectures and veiwing. It had skylights for providing light for the large open operating area. Part of the stone wall surrounding the old campus of the  University of Nashville is shown on the left. The early fire hall building for Engine No.6 once had an impressive steeple on the right corner of the roof. The steeple was destroyed in a storm and never rebuilt. An newsprint article below shows how the tower did appear.  It may have contained a bell.