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DUDLEY PARK - Located at the corner of Third Ave. South and Chestnut, this park was originally named Chestnut Street Park and later renamed Louise and Rebbeca Dudley Park in memory of  the two children of parks Commissioner Robert Dudley. The two girls died in 1913 when a train hit the car that they and their parents, Robert M. Dudley and Ophelia Stephens Dudley were riding. . A view of the Louise and Rebbeca Dudley memorial fountain is shown below.

 The still standing memorial fountain was placed in the park when it was renamed in 1914 and has a plaque that honors the memory of the two daughters. Few people know that the stonework for this fountain was originally a stone cupola from atop a downtown building that was being demolished at the time. The stone patio that surrounded this fountain contained a flagpole with a large stone pedestal base with an ingraved inscription that honors the memory of the girl's father Robert M. Dudley and Mr. Robert Crieghton of the Foster-Crieghton construction company. The pedestal and flagpole were placed in the park in 1927. The large flagpole pedestal was removed by the parks department around 1975 and now rests on flagpole hill in Centennial Park. A complete story by George Zepp  of the tragedy can be found at  

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Many may remember the "park shows" at night when the audience would sit on the grassy slope and watch movies shown from the back of a truck with popcorn and "snowcones" were sold by the vendor.

(source - Nashville Tennessean -August 17, 2005 p. 38 )