South Park  on Academy - Many remember this park as Howard School park. This photo was taken around 1935. The tennis courts in the foreground can be seen along with the croquet courts in the background. The dark smoke seen in the distance is from the smokestacks on the old City Hospital located on Hermitage Ave.

Remember When-

"I lived at 16 Academy for a few years in the early 1940s and I remember the street not being so wide, the top of the house was also red brick, not painted and this two story house next door was not there back then.  Actually, the South Park tennis courts were directly across from our house, not the croquet courts.  Anyone remember when the 2 or 3 story Library in the Park burned one cold January day.  The firemen's hoses created a frozen wonderland and did little to save the building which burned to the ground. It was never rebuilt.  These pictures bring back so many memories....

Enjoy!  "

Wilarlie Knight Barto, Howard School 1944 graduate