View of the intersection at First Ave. So. and Lindsley Ave.  This rare photo was taken from the roof of the Old University of Nashville Main Building  around 1950. As can be seen in the distance at the corner of Carroll Street and First Ave, a large rooming house was  located on the corner. The Lindsley Ave. Apartments are shown clearly at the left of the photograph, The basketball and tennis courts are shown to the right on the school campus. No. 11 Lindsley is visible behind the trees on the corner and No. 9 Lindsley is visible next door. For those who have good eyesight  one can see the old "cotton seed oil mill" out on Fourth Ave.  in the far right distance. If you can see the old cotton seed oil tank near the center horizon you may click that for a better view of it.

Clicking on St. Patick's steeple on the left horizon will show  the  church. To the left of the steeple is the old Trimble School which can be viewed also.