924 Third Ave. South-  This was the home of Ms. Mattie Sperry who was born in 1869. After her marriage to Doctor George Price, a Nashville Physician, she became Mrs. Mattie Sperry Price.  The house was built by Issac Paul shortly after the Civil War for the Sperry family. Ms. Price lived in this house until she died at the age of 102.  The building was demolished in the early 1970's.  The home had a beautiful mahogany hand-operated elevator in working order in the 1960's and a small orchard in the side yard.  Mr. George Price's father was the owner and headmaster of Price's School for Young Ladies in downtown Nashville, Tennessee which Ms. Sperry attended. It was at school that he met Ms. Sperry.                       (click here for an interview conducted with Mrs. Price in the 1950's)











Another photograph of the home showing the side garden and garden entrance porch.

Photograph of Mattie Sperry around 1890