Remember the huge rooming house at the corner of Rutledge and Middleton? I remember the roomers who sat in the front yard and on the front porch in rocking chairs. The folks in the photo here are Sonia Cole and Alton Brown, Howard High Students.


The front of the huge home across the street in the upper photo at the corner of Middleton and Rutledge. The address of the home was No. 32 Rutledge. This once beautiful  victorian home had a wrap-around front porch with ornate banisters which was wide and spacious.  Shown in the photo are Doris Chapman and her cousin Peggy Bates.                                                                                                  (photo contributed by Doris Chapman Dement who lived there in 1936)

The photo below shows the front door and the beautifully sculptured limstone steps. The children on the steps: Doris Chapman, Peggy and Jean Bates, Anne Chapman and Leona Bates. Photo contributed by Doris Chapman Dement.

The photo below shows the ornate balistrade of the curved varanda porch of this once magnificent home.