Astrophotography by Jeff Allen.

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New Images: September  2003

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 Mars            Mars            Milkyway

                             Mars                                           Mars                         Southern Milkyway        



 NGC281                                   m45

NGC281                                                                    M45


Film Images:


Equipment                    NAnebula                     Moon                       Lagoon

      Equipment                 Piggyback Photos                 Planetary Photos             Deep Sky Photos


CCD Images:


 NGC7635_lrgb.jpg (173354 bytes)

M52 and NGC 7635



Favorite Links:


             University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences           Great N.W. weathersite with sat. images and weather cam links around theU.S.

            Astromart                                                                           This one should come with a warning 'Caution:Addictive'.  Used gear, retail and AP links.   

             Space Environment Center                                               If you're interested in Aurorae and other solar activities.

                                                               A great site for solar activity and Aurora predictions and warn

Favorite Viewing Sites:

            Keechelus Ridge, Eastern Cascades, Washington

            Hancock Field Station, Antelope, Oregon

         Oregon Star Party Site, Prineville, Oregon

            Table Mountain, Ellensburg, Washington

Other Astrophotography Links:

            Michael Cole the "Urban Imager"

            I hope to replace and add some new images during this year's photography season.  Here in the Northwest, that makes up about 5 months. 
            With only a couple of good  weekends per month, it does'nt leave much time.


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