Hampshire County Company 1    
The Fleet    
Engine 1-13
Engine 1-13
First out engine ..
Pierce 5 man cab.
1,750 gallon per minute pumper..
5 inch supply line, 3 inch supply line.
2 preconneted hand lines
seperate trash line.
Engine 1-14
Second out engine..
American Lafrance 6 man custom cab.
1,500 gallon per minute pumper.
5 inch supply line, 3 inch supply line.
2 Preconnected hand lines
seperate trash line.
Rescue 1
International 7400 4 wheel drive
5 man commercial cab
16 foot walk around Hackney rescue body
Typical Rescue equipment
Attack 1
2007 chevy silverado crew cab 3500.
duramax diesel with 250 gal. tank.
pump system can draft from any water source.
also able to hit a hydrant.
2 pre connnect hand lines, booster reel.
Brush 1-60
Typical brush equipment
Brush 1-61
Typical brush equipment
  Special Unit 1-81
Recent Incidents  
 05-03-09 2128 hrs
Smoke Investigation
45 School Street
Engine 1-13 Attack 1

Harmison Lane 3-5-09

198 Gravel Lane 7-21-08

Hoy Road 7-21-08
 05-03-09 1215 hrs
Route 28
Rescue 1 Attack 1
 04-14-09 1525 hrs
Route 28
Special Unit 1 Engine 1-13
 03-23-09 1207 hrs
South Branch River Road
Special Unit 1 Brush 1-61
 03-08-09 1406 hrs
Jersey Mountain Road
Engine 1-13 Engine 1-14
 03-05-09 0725 hrs
Harmison Lane
Engine 1-13 Engine 1-14 Rescue 1
 03-04-09 1239 hrs
Structure - Assist
Pattersons Creek Road/ School
Engine 1-13
 03-04-09 1230 hrs
MVA - Ejection - Entrapment
Pattersons Creek Road/Shirleys Lane
Rescue 1
 03-04-09 1220 hrs
Station Transfer
Burlington Volunteer Fire Company
Engine 1-13
 02-28-09 1024 hrs
Heli -Landing Zone
Hampshire Memorial Hospital
Engine 1-13
Yearly Call Totals
 2008 = 289

2009 Line Officers

   Chief : George Williams
   Deputy Chief : James Method
   Asst Chief : Matt Snyder
   Captain : Andy Ayers
   Lieutenant : Rich Rogers
   President : Elby Shockey

Courtesy of The Romney Fire Company

2009 Executive Board

   President : Elby Shockey
Vice President : Andy Ayers
   Interim Secretary : Lana Rogers
   Treasurer : Judy Hott
   Chaplain : Rich Rogers
   Sargeant at Arms : Bobby Foster

Contact Us

   Romney Volunteer Fire Dept.
   P.O. Box 970
   Romney, WV 26757
   Phone : 304 822-5141


News & Announcements
  December 12  00:30 Hrs
  the Romney Fire Company was alerted for their rope rescue team to assist
  the Augusta Rescue Squad, North River Fire Dept., and Hampshire County Sheriff's  Office
  with a body recovery off of Rt. 29 S near Delray, WV.
  Rescue 1 and Brush 1-60 responded to the scene to find high waters making access to  the   residence impassible by a low-water bridge.
  The only access was by a free-hanging wooden foot-bridge.
  Due to the weakness of the bridge, it was not possible for multiple operatives to safely
  occupy the bridge at one time.
  Haul teams were placed at both ends of the span and a backboard was employed to
  ferry the body across the bridge.
  Courtesy L.Rogers

 Romney Volunteer Fire renovations

   City of Romney will be Flushing Hydrants the week of Aug 4th

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