Critic's Comments

"It's been awhile since Chicago's seen a new artist capable of fusing both the funky sophistication of the classic deep-soul sound with the gritty sensuality and immediacy of Chicago blues.  Tre' and his Blue Knights aren't yet in the same league as Cicero Blake, Lee "Shot" Williams or Tyrone Davis, but they're headed in the right direction. Tre' is a fiercely emotional player with an unusual feel for the sheer prettiness of music."

David Whiteis / Chicago Reader

"His guitar work is intense, sure-fingered, imaginitaive, and often incendiary - he's got a stinging tone, and weaves spiderish note patterns reminiscent of Buddy Guy's pre-Clapton days. His lyrics are inventive and his voice capable of soulful smoothness as well as a gutsy holler."

David Whiteis / Living Blues

Trying to keep your music in a traditional vein without being labeled retro is a tricky business, but Tre manages to walk the fine line of his ancestry (his father is L.V. Banks)....

Blues Access

"Tre's music is a meshing of classic soul and urban Chicago Blues. "

Bob Kostanczuk / Gary Post Tribune

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