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The BUSHs . . .



The Bush’s Family History begins at the turn of 1800’s . . .


The late 1790's. . .
Samuel BUSH, Senior, was born in Sussex County, England, in 1799. He married Ann ASWELL in Sussex around 1818 - 1820. Samuel and Ann had the following children:
Samuel, Junior, born 1821
John, born 1823
Job, born 1836
Thomas, born 1841
Dates and places of birth for these children are still being researched.

"In 1830, the family sailed for Canada in a small sailing vessel. They were six weeks on the water becoming lost among the icebergs of the North Atlantic Ocean. Rations became low and they were fearful of ever reaching land. They originally settled in Winona, then in Bartonville, moving to Binbrook about 1834 and settled on L3, C3, B3, one-half mile was of the village in a log house." (Exerpt from History and Heritage of Binbrook, 1979).

Samuel and Ann both died in Binbrook, Ontario, Canada. Ann died prior to the 1881 census, as Samuel is listed as a widower on that census.

Samuel BUSH, Junior married Sarah Ann BARKER in Hamilton, Ontario, before 1850. They had the following children:
Maria, born 1850
George, born 1851
Eliza Amelia, born 1852
Amos, born 1860
Henry, born 1861
Nettie, born 1862
Mary, born 1863
Mahaly, born 1866

(to be continued). . .


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