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Xlibris has just convinced me to start an e-mail marketing effort for my book: Growing with America - The Fox Family of Philadelphia. I decided to revise my old website at as part of this effort and this is the result. I would be interested in any comments but realize that, aside from the book section - the website is still under construction.

I find the site builder to be a mixture of good and bad. It certainly gives more freedom than the earlier version but still has its limitations and - most annoyingly - has the habit of failing to publish changes occasionally. Also the formatting capability is extremely limited. There is, however, an html editing capability that I've not accessed.

For those interested in a really good blog - go my son Justin's blog The Curious Capitalist. He is the economics columnist at Time magazine.

2013 - Justin is now with Harvard Business Review.

Joe Fox



 September 1, 2008
I just wrote this to a member of my FoxY-DNA project, a relative of John McCain, who sent me some typically scurrilous Republ;ican trash about Obama:
"McCain is too quick on the trigger and is likely to get us into another Iraq situation.  Just the initial reaction they both had to the situation in the republic of Georgia should give you some idea of how Obama and McCain would handle foreign relations.  McCain was ready to go in and start another war without talking to anyone whereas Obama consulted Condoleezza Rice and other experts, including our allies.  Obama gives me a much better feeling when it comes to foreign affairs.
As to domestic policy, I like the Democrat's approach much better than the Republican policy of the last 8 years, which has led to greater and greater economic discrepancies between rich peple and the common man. 
We certainly don't need a Republican appointing more Supreme Court justices who can't interpret the constitution correctly.
Finally, who will find the better people to build his cabinet?  Certainly Obama's choice of Biden for Vice-President gives me much more confidence in his judgment than does McCain's choice of Palin.  This seems to me to be a desperation move on the part of McCain and certainly not the result of rational consultation with others.

Sarah Palin

September 4, 2008

I listened to Sarah Palin's acceptance speech last night.  If McCain scares me, Palin scares me more.  Her energy policy is one of exploiting the environment and pushing global warming so that, I presume, Alaska will warm up.

She, and her kind, hope to take the United States back in time to 30 years ago.  Things are different now.  We need to look to the future and not to the past.  Obama will do this.  I had hoped that McCain would, too, but obviously not.

All this talk about experience is a bunch of hogwash if that experience has not led to a better understanding of the world in which we live.

Joe Fox