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Family group photo taken at Joe and Camille's wedding in 2004




The children of Dr. George and Sarah Valentine Fox and their spouses. Photo taken in 1892


The Grandchildren of Joseph and Elizabeth Mickle Fox - Written in about 1805


Dr. George Fox as a young man
Fox Family 1980
Fox Family in 1980
Rawls and Clinton
John Rawls gets Presidential Commendation - Represented by Margaret Fox Rawls
Joe Fox II
Joseph Mickle Fox II
Sam Fox Royston - watercolor by Mardy Fox Rawls
Fox Men
Fox Men - about 1985
Rith Martin in 1919
Ruth Martin in 1919
Fox and Borie

Dr. George Fox and Adolph Borie
Children of George Fox 1892

Children Of George and Marguerite Baird Fox in 1892 - Dad is in nurses arms in back
Joe Fox