Manufacturer: Sunbeam

Model: Alpine (Series V)

Year: 1967

Produced: August 1966

Engine: 5 bearing
1725 cc
4 in-line cyl.

The story of this car

Sunbeams, the automobiles (not the bread or the toasters), were built in Great Britain from 1899 to 1981.

There were 19,122 Series V Alpines, like this one, made during 3 years of production (1965 through 1968).

I have had this car (B 395009258 LRX 86) since 1982, when my Dad restored it. The color is British racing green (Imron), consistent with the paint code (86). The engine (B 395006608) is from a slightly earlier Series V. Other than a Delco alternator, a bypassed brake servo, and the mismatched engine, the car is original.

Our original Series V (B 395010906 LRX 86), purchased new in 1967, was a daily driver until 1980. The car finally succumbed to rust; New England winters took their toll. It was parted out to help restore and maintain #09258.

J. Mies

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by Benton Bilbrey


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Sunbeam Theatre

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'67 Apline showcase video

This is a 6 MB Quicktime movie of my '67 Alpine. This is not streaming video; please be patient.

View this movie (1.7 MB) to experience the mountain roads of Tennessee with an Alpine.

Click here (3.1 MB) to view
A Parade of Sunbeams, featuring the 20 cars that participated in the poker rally at the 2001 Sunbeam Invasion.

A winter day with the hard top on.

Jan '01

A look under the hood.

The car is powered by a 1725-cc, 4-cylinder engine, which is aspirated by two Stromberg 150CD carburetors.

September '92

A recent photo of the interior. The carpet is new.

June '01

The 1967 Series V (B 395009258 LRX 86, left) and the 1962 Series II (B 9119805 LRX SB 39, right). The Series II is no longer with us.

August '01

The Restoration of #09258

This photo shows the car in primer gray, having been stripped to bare steel.

In 1981, the interior didn't look like much. (Compare this to the more recent photo of the interior.)

 ... nor did the engine or transmission.

Here's the car, in 1982, with brand new paint and a brand new soft top.

The Imron still shines like new nearly 20 years later! (See recent photos.)

Note the home-made tow bar.

Our original Alpine (#10906) is also visible at the left side of the photo.