Rawge's Dodge Project

My son and I worked on restoring this 1950 Dodge truck for over a year. We found it when some ole boy dragged it out to the road and hung a "for sale" sign on it. Most of it was piled in the bed, much of it was rusted through, and many pieces were missing, but it had that "please help me" look. The truck had been wrecked, and the front end was replaced with a 1952 grill. I salvaged parts from another 1950 Dodge that my Uncle Charles had left on the farm where I had grown up. That truck had been sitting there, overgrown with weeds, for over 20 years. We did all of the work ourselves, from painting it in the backyard to sewing the upholstery and tailgate chain protectors. Below are a few pictures taken during the process. 

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This 1950 Dodge belonged to my Uncle. I had forgotten about it until I started looking for parts. My Dad mentioned that It might still be out at the farm. I made the 3-hour trip, and there it was, covered with weeds. It had sat there for over 20 years. I dragged out to the road with a tractor and started pullin' parts After taking an inventory of missing parts, we started taking the body apart, and rebuilding the engine. Parts that I couldn't get from my farm truck were located using the Internet. I located several other people that were doing similar projects and they have been a big help (Thanks to Steve, Barb, GTK, Brian, Randall, Rich, and the others) The bed had been converted to a piece of plywood. I replaced it with wood strips that I ripped from a 100 year old barn. They are strong, but still have that "vintage" look. I planed them to get rid of the oxidized wood, but it retained the fine age cracks. After sanding them smooth, I treated them with several coats outdoor Varathane.

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I managed to get all of the original gauges to work. I also used the stock switches and knobs. Since I converted it from 6 v positive ground to 12v negative ground, I couldn't use the existing radio. So, I installed a CD Player and 4 speakers hidden inside the black diamond-tuck on the doors and headliner. This is the 218 CID flathead engine after it was rebuilt. It starts instantly, and purrs like a kitten. I added a custom built header and 2" exhaust. It sounds pretty good, too.  Well, here it is. I wanted a more contemporary Dodge Ram look, but also wanted to retain the flavor of the old truck. So, I replaced the grill with chrome tubing. The parking lights, rearview mirror, visors, and other parts  were taken from a 60's era Mopar car.

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It's amazing what a farmboy can do with a few dollars and a couple of Crescent wrenches. To make it safer, we installed seat/shoulder belts, large brake lights, and new brakes and cylinders. Now it's fun to drive and safe, too.


UPDATE!!... After the Sept.11 attack on the World Trade Center, I was ashamed to find that I didn't own a flag. Every store in the State was sold out, so I improvised...We purchased 500 American flags and now give them away  when we drive the new Red-White-and Blue Dodge
God Bless America!

The Newest Project - we just finished restoring a 1948 Dodge 1-1/2 ton flatbed  that was rescued from the metal crusher

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