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Welcome to Tian

The world of Tian is a homebrew setting based on a 1st Edition AD&D campaign, updated for the Revised 3rd Edition and expanded to incorporate various d20 sources. Within these pages lies the information needed to play a character of Tian, or to use as a source of ideas for the casual web lurker.

The core of the campaign world is the Empire of Alabar, a near-Eastern flavored land surrounded by mighty elven houses. The heroes of the original game were known as the Company of the White Wraith, and briefly as the Guardians of Siddar, the capital city.

The Company struggled against the forces of the malevolent ruler Phad Karazon, who had defeated the rightful king Bohdi Artoran, Chosen of Horan, centuries before. Prophecy warned that the death of Artoran would only hasten the coming of the next Chosen, so Karazon magically imprisoned him instead.

After many adventures, the Company, guided by faint astral echoes of King Artoran, managed to release him and assisted in the overthrow of the evil Phad. Their victory lasted but a few short years, however. The master assassin Celeste, former instrument of Karazon and with whom the heroes had a complicated rivalry, took her revenge by slaying the king and scattering the Company of the White Wraith across the continent.

Now, Celeste attempts to control, through guile and terror, an empire that may be beyond her ability. The Hundred Kingdoms rebel against Alabar's weakened military grasp and fight amongst themselves. The small but powerful Iron Kingdoms ready their techno-magical war machines. Elemental dream gods stir and the shadow of Karazon still lingers.

Where are the Guardians of Siddar? Where is the prophesied next Chosen of Horan? And what part will destiny have you play amidst this upheaval?

Welcome to Tian.