Epler's "Official" List of the Chironomidae of Great Smoky Mountains National Park
(last update 10 August 2004)

The list below consists of all valid published records of chironomid midges from within the boundaries of Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee.  It also includes unpublished records from material that I have personally examined (so you can blame me if there are any mistakes!).  The majority of these records predate the ATBI; it is anticipated that more records will be added if more funding can be found.

    Boreochlus persimilis (Johannsen)
    Paraboreochlus cf. stahli Coffman
    Ablabesmyia mallochi (Walley)
    Apsectrotanypus johnsoni (Coquillett)
    Brundiniella eumorpha (Sublette)
    Coelotanypus concinnus (Coquillett)
    Conchapelopia aleta Roback
    C. pallens (Coquillett)
    Hudsonimyia karelena Roback
    Krenopelopia hudsoni Roback
    Larsia sp.
    Macropelopia decedens (Walker)
    Meropelopia americana (Fittkau)
    Natarsia baltimorea (Macquart)
    Nilotanypus fimbriatus (Walker)
    Nilotanypus sp.
    Procladius bellus (Loew)
    P. sublettei Roback
    Psectrotanypus sp. A Epler
    Rheopelopia acra (Roback)  
    Rh. sp. 1  Epler
    Rh. sp. 3 Roback
    Tanypus stellatus (Coquillett)
    Trissopelopia sp.
    Zavrelimyia sinuosa (Coquillett) complex
    Z. thryptica (Sublette) complex
    Diamesa sp.
    Pagastia orthogonia Oliver
    Potthastia gaedii (Meigen)
    P. longimana (Kieffer)
    Prodiamesa olivacea (Meigen)
    Antillocladius pluspilalus Sæther
    Brillia flavifrons (Johannsen)
    B. parva Johannsen
    Bryophaenocladius flavoscutellatus (Malloch)
    B. nr. fumosinus (Curran)
    B. paranudisquama Wang, Liu & Epler
    B. polychaetus Wang, Liu & Epler
    B. scleros Wang, Liu & Epler
    B. sp. 2 Epler
    Cardiocladius obscurus (Johannsen)
    Chaetocladius ligni  Cranston & Oliver
    Ch. piger (Goetghebuer)
    Ch. sp. A  Epler
    Chasmatonotus bimaculatus Osten Sacken
    Ch. unimaculatus Loew
    Corynoneura lobata  Edwards
    C. "scutellata Winnertz group" sp.
    Cricotopus absurdus (Johannsen)
    C. annulator (Goetghebuer) complex
    C. bicinctus Meigen
    C. fuscus (Kieffer)
    C. politus (Coquillett)
    C. slossonae Malloch
    C. sylvestris (Fabricius) group
    C. tremulus (Linnaeus)
    C. triannulatus (Macquart)
    C. trifascia Edwards
    C. varipes (Coquillett)
    C. vierriensis  Goetghebuer
    C. sp. 2 Epler
    Doithrix parcivillosa Sæther & Sublette
    D. villosa Sæther & Sublette
    Epoicocladius sp. #3 Jacobsen
    Eukiefferiella brevicalcar (Kieffer) group
    E. cf. brevinervis (Malloch)
    E. claripennis (Lundbeck) group sp.
    E. cf. devonica (Edwards)
    E. gracei (Edwards) group sp.
    Euryhapsis sp. 1 Epler
    Georthocladius fimbriosus Sæther & Sublette
    Gymnometriocnemus brumalis (Edwards)
    G. subnudus (Edwards)
    G. sp. 1 Epler
    G. sp. nov. Caldwell
    Heleniella hirta Sæther
    H. parva Sæther
    Heterotrissocladius marcidus Walker
    Krenosmittia sp.
    Limnophyes carolinensis Sæther
    L. minimus (Meigen)
    L. natalensis (Kieffer)
    L. cf. pilicistulus Sæther
    L. sp. 1 Epler
    Lipurometriocnemus vixlobatus Sæther
    Mesosmittia sp.
    Metriocnemus eurynotus (Holmgren)
    Nanocladius branchicolus Sæther
    N. distinctus (Malloch)
    N. cf. rectinervis (Kieffer)
    N. cf. spiniplenus Sæther
    Orthocladius (Eudactylocladius) dubitatus Johannsen
    Orthocladius (Euorthocladius) luteipes Goetghebuer
    Orthocladius (Orthocladius) dentifer Brundin
    O. (O.) hellenthali Soponis
    O. (O.) cf. nigritus  Malloch
    O. (O.) obumbratus Johannsen
    O. (Symposiocladius) lignicola (Kieffer)
    Parachaetocladius abnobaeus (Wülker)
    P. cf. abnobaeus (Wülker)
    Paracricotopus millrockensis Caldwell
    Parakiefferiella sp. E Epler
    Parametriocnemus eoclivus Sæther
    P. hamatus (Johannsen)
    P. lundbeckii (Johannsen)
    P. sp. F Epler
    P. sp. 1 Epler
    Paraphaenocladius exagitans (Johannsen)
    Parasmittia carinata Strenzke
    Psectrocladius sp.
    Platysmittia fimbriata  Sæther
    Pseudorthocladius (Lordella) sp.
    Ps. (Pseudorthocladius) morsei Sæther & Sublette
    Ps. (Ps.) rectangilobus Caspers & Siebert
    Ps. (Ps.) cf. uniserratus Sæther & Sublette
    Pseudosmittia cf. forcipata (Goetghebuer)
    Psilometriocnemus triannulatus Sæther
    Rheocricotopus eminellobus Sæther
    Rh. pauciseta Sæther
    Rh. tuberculatus Caldwell
    Rh. unidentatus Sæther & Schnell
    Smittia sp. 1 Epler
    S. sp. 2 Epler
    S. sp. 3 Epler
    Stilocladius clinopecten Sæther
    Synorthocladius sp. 1 Epler
    Thienemanniella cf. boltoni Hestenes & Sæther
    Th. similis (Malloch)
    Th. xena (Roback)
    Th. sp. 3 Epler
    Th. sp. 4 Epler
    Tvetenia vitracies Sæther
    Xylotopus par (Coquillett)
    Apedilum subcinctum Townes
    Chironomus decorus Johannsen
    Cryptochironomus fulvus (Johannsen)
    C. cf. scimitarus Townes
    Demicryptochironomus sp.
    Einfeldia natchitocheae (Sublette)
    Microtendipes caelum Townes
    M. sp. 1 Epler
    Paracladopelma prob. nereis (Townes)
    Paratendipes albimanus (Meigen)
    Phaenopsectra obediens (Johannsen)
    Polypedilum albicorne (Meigen)
    P. albinodus Townes
    P. angulum Maschwitz
    P. artifer (Curran)
    P. aviceps Townes
    P. fallax (Johannsen)
    P. halterale (Coquillett)
    P. illinoense (Malloch)
    P. scalaenum (Schrank)
    P. simulans Townes
    P. trigonus Townes
    P. tritum (Walker)
    P. sp. NC-1 Epler
    Stenochironomus poecilopterus (Mitchell)
    S. woodi Borkent
    Tribelos jucundum (Walker)
    Xestochironomus ? sp.
    Pseudochironomus articaudus Sæther
    Ps. fulviventris (Johannsen)
    Constempellina sp.
    Micropsectra dives (Johannsen)
    M. geminata Oliver & Dillon
    M. polita (Malloch)
    M. sp. 1 Epler
    M. sp. 5 Epler
    M. sp. 6 Epler
    Parapsectra sp. 1 Epler
    Rheotanytarsus exiguus (Johannsen)
    Rh. sp. 4 Epler
    Rh. sp. 5 Epler
    Rh. sp. 6 Epler
    Rh. sp. 7 Epler
    Skutzia sp. 1 Epler
    Stempellinella cf. leptocelloides (Webb)
    Tanytarsus cf. brundini Lindeberg
    T. buckleyi Sublette
    T. neoflavellus Malloch
    T. sp. 17 Epler
    Zavrelia sp. 1 Epler