John J. Barton

Java Virtual Machines and C++ Compilers,

IBM T. J. Watson, 1992-1998

I got my picture taken with an IBM computer monitor at Watson:Today's special: computer monitors...

Java Virtual Machines

I was the manager of IBM Watson's Java Tools group, the home of Jikes Compiler, Jikes Debugger, Skij, and JAX tools. I built a bootstrap linker for the Jalapeno Virtual Machine project at IBM Watson (paper in preparation).

Debugging by Remote Reflection by Ton Ngo and John Barton. In, European Conference on Parallel Computing

I also helped John Whaley with: A Real-time Performance Visualizer for Java, John Whaley and John Barton, Dr. Dobb's Journal, 1998.


I helped develop the incremental compilation technology in IBM's VisualAge 4.0, a completely incremental C++ development environment See:"Modern Customizable Program Development Environments: An Activities Report" John Barton and Michael Karasick (A poster at OOPSLA '97)

Lee Nackman and I wrote a C++ Book: Scientific and Engineering C++: An Introduction with Advanced Techniques and Examples by John J. Barton and Lee R. Nackman. Addison-Wesley, 1994, ISBN 0-201-53393-6. Lee's website has the source code and more information. Here's a picture of the cover:

Cover of Scientific and Engineering C++

The book was cited online often and got good reviews.

We also wrote a column for the C++ Report for some time. A couple of the articles were reprinted in C++ Gems, Programming Pearls from The C++ Report Edited by Stanley B. Lippman Published February 1998 625 pages Paperback | ISBN: 0135705819