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Some Ubicomp Projects I have known.

The Critical Issue in Ubicomp Research: How Do We Build Knowledge?.

Ubicomp Comparisons

Ubiquity On Many Scales

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Existing Ubiquitous Systems: Cellphones

Existing Ubiquitous Systems: Personal Computers

Existing Ubiquitous Systems E-mail

Existing Ubiquitous Systems WWW

Ubicomp Project Comparisons

Phidgets Univ. Calgary, Saul Greenburg and Chester Fitchett


Social Media

Our Approach: Agile Computing

Agile Web, HPL

Stanford iroom

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Labscape, Univ. Washington


Georgia Tech Aware Home

Georgia Tech AwareHome

UC San Diego ActiveCampus Project

UC San Diego ActiveCampus Geo-Location by Trilateration

UCSD Active Campus

Project Oxygen, MIT

Project Oxygen MIT

Ubicomp Is?

PowerPoint Presentation

Gaia University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Author: John J. Barton

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