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Web-Based Nomadic Computing

Nomadic Computing

Web-Based System for Nomadic Computing

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Physical URL Sources

Web ID, Physical Hyperlinks

Locations as URL Sources

Physical Sinks for URLs

Handheld clipboards for URLs

What Physical URLS Mean: Web Presence

Things with Web Presence

Places with Web Presence

Can Users Use This Stuff?

Physical vs. Virtual navigation

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Context Dependence With Web Presence Manager

XML for my description

My Homepage with my content merged with local appliances

Again, but now on that tiny screen

Dynamic, Physical hyperlinks + transforming proxies = Context Dependence

Beyond Context-Dependent Information

The Basics Of Upload

Glimmer: Sensor Enhanced Web Clients with Spontaneous Service Discovery

Type-dependent Discovery; Sensor-fill in of Forms

Service Selection for Sensors

Form-based Interaction

Use of XForms Constraints

Physical Registration.

Web Forms+Appliances = Web Pages

Web Services for Handheld Digital Sensors w/ NCD and Stanford groups

Web-based Nomadic Computing


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