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We call our field “Nomadic Computing”, a step beyond mobile computing to include discovery of new resources and services. If you bring a laptop computer from your office to a seminar to continue to check mail and take notes, then you are doing mobile computing by our definition. I did “nomadic computing” with my laptop for this talk because I moved with my computer but I also discovered resources, Friedemann in this example, and services, the VGA output cable the school authorized me to access.

This diagram serves as a architectural sketch for our system, to emphasis the basic elements and their relations. URLs derived from physical objects are on the bottom; the inform the upper layers. Upper layer include content and URL exchange, context dependence support, and finally nomadicity services.

For more on this diagram, read our paper entitled A Web-Based Nomadic Computing System. Tim Kindberg & John Barton. In Computer Networks, Elsevier, vol 35, no. 4, March 2001, pp. 443-456 and