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Once we have a context dependent view of the world and the ability to set that context, the next thing we want is the ability to interact with services available because of our current context. For this reason we have started a project Tim Kindberg calls “Glimmer”. The challenge we address in Glimmer is the extension of a handheld client to include a variety of sensors that can interact with services dependent upon sensor data. The device and its user are nomadic: we cannot rely on preinstallation of services appropriate to our sensors, preconfiguration of services to the set of sensors, or preselection of sensors based on available services. Rather we want as wide a variety of sensors and services to emerge from actual use as people find useful.

Again we pick web as a basis for our client since we already know it can deal with the ad-hoc service discovery. No one loads bookstore software on to their PC to buy books: they just visit a booksellers web site. Yes a bit of javascript comes down, but that doesn’t change the user’s impression that their PC did not get too bound to a particular book seller as it would be with a store-specific software download.