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I told you how people become linked into places and places correspondingly link people. How do things become linked into places? Of course one approach is to have an “admin” page on the web presence for data entry. This is tedious at best. Another approach used in some systems for electronic devices is to multicast on a subnet to find a collection of electronic resources. However, many subnets today do not match physical and organizational boundaries. A subnet can span floors of a building while a group of people who want to share a printer all work on one floor. As an alternative we propose to use the URL-sensing technologies, like barcode or rfid scans to select objects using a handheld device like a cell phone and then to register the resulting URLs like we did in the person/place example. This action might be done when equipment is moved or when groups change membership; it might be done by an administrative person or just folks. We call this “physical registration”; for more information see Physical Registration: Configuring Electronic Directories using Handheld Devices, John Barton, Tim Kindberg and Shreyas Sadalgi. HPL Tech. Report HPL-2001-119. To appear in IEEE Personal Communications magazine and