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Table of contents

Ubiwise Ubicomp Simulator

Ubiwise Ubicomp Simulator: Problems with Physical prototypes

Services for wireless handheld appliances …but you don’t have any…

Appliance Data Services

But there are no wireless handheld devices

PowerPoint Presentation

GLAD: Glimmer/Linux Access Device

Slide 8

Two window virtual world

And a suite of design tools

Ubiwise Design Goals

Build up a library of devices

Build up a library of Places

Build up a library of communications protocols

Build up a library of ubicomp services

Explore the combinations

Ubiwise Evaluation

Glimmer Project With UbiWise

Insert Demo Here…

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Ubiwise: A Simulator or a Conceputalizer?

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Author: John J. Barton

E-mail: johnjbarton"HUMAN-AT"