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The MeetingMachine: Interactive Workspace Support for Nomadic Users

Nomadic Digital Collaboration

Scenario Intro: Computer-aided group design

MeetingMachine: Digital Meeting Appliance

1: Architect clicks on room RFID tag.

2: Architect verifies selection on control, sends to “eTable” in MeetingMachine.

3: New eTable page is projected, laptops can browse it or pick off their view of eTable

4: Carpet salesman puts digital catalog into MeetingMachine

5: Carpet salesman puts up some suggestions

6: Digital Carpet samples previewed in 3D, selected and ordered.

7: People clear table (and eTable!) and leave

MeetingMachine: Meeting Appliance

From Projector to Interactive Workplace

MeetingMachine: Interactive space

From Interactive Workspace to MeetingMachine

MeetingMachine: Nomadic Access

System Design for Interactive Room Appliance

Usability Issues in an Interactive Room Appliance: Digital Meeting Work Modes

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Author: John J. Barton

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