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MeetingMachine Distribution

Warning: Experimental Open Source Software. This system isn't even alpha! This system is available on this page for the convienence of researchers working on ubiquitous computing. It represents a build from the MeetingMacine part of the open-source project "iros" on sourceforge.

This version -- WALTZ -- only works on Win32 and it has be tested only on WinXP.

This version -- TWOSTEP -- should work on platforms that support Java; it is only tested on WinXP.

Ok I read the warning and I want the MM zip file anyway! (This link sends you to SourceForge. Look for "Latest File Releases", "MeetingMachine" then read across to "download" link.)


New release sequence is "twostep". New features:

MM-twostep is mildly incompatiable with MM-waltz since the PointRight protocol has changed.


The MeetingMachine is a shared networked appliance supporting the exchange, discussion, and collation of electronic documents. The appliance consists of a digital projector with internal storage, a " document control" handheld device that helps users move documents to and from portable memory devices and the MeetingMachine. A suite of client programs allow laptop users to use their mouse on the projector and to move documents to and from their laptop to the MeetingMachine.

The MeetingMachine prototype has the following parts in place:


The MeetingMachine distribution is designed to work reliably right out of the zip file and with minimal impact to your software environment.

  1. The zip file contains a single subdirectory "MeetingMachine". Unpack the zip file in any directory you can remember. I use "C:".
  2. To start the server (eg on a machine running a projector): double click the file called "server2" or "server2.bat".
  3. To start the client (eg on you laptop): double click the file called "meet" or "meet.bat".
  4. Let me know how it goes ;-).

Minimal impact to your system.

This version of the MeetingMachine distribution does the following things to your system:

  1. Zip file unpacked by you requires 30MB in one directory. It contains:
    1. Full Java Runtime Environment (the redistributable one) 20MB
    2. Partial Jakarta Tomcat server 4MB
    3. Jikes Java Compiler
    4. iROS system distribution
    5. Help files, Scripts.
  2. Temporary files are written into your system's TEMP directory (usually C:\TEMP or under you user name).
  3. Pointright2 may write two entries into your system registry if you launch it outside of my scripts.

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