A Glimmer of the Future after Cooltown

Web-Based System for Nomadic Computing

Web-Based System for Nomadic Computing

What Physical URLS Mean:
Web Presence

Physical URL Sources

Locations as URL Sources

Physical Sinks for URLs

Handheld clipboards for URLs

Things with Web Presence

Places with Web Presence

Can Users Use This Stuff?

Physical vs. Virtual navigation

Web-Based System for Nomadic Computing

New Research Directions.

Context Dependence With
Web Presence Manager

My Homepage with my content merged with local appliances

Dynamic, Physical hyperlinks + transforming proxies = Context Dependence

XML for my description

Physical Registration.

Glimmer: Sensor Enhanced Web Clients with Ad-Hoc Services

Type-dependent Discovery; Sensor-fill in of Forms

Web Forms+Appliances = Web Pages

GLAD: Glimmer/Linux Access Device

Slide 24

Wireless Information Systems Emulator

Coolbase: Pervasive Computing Toolbox