An Untold Story from Recent American History

Praise from a Future Generation

In September 1964 the Warren Commission wrapped up a ten-month investigation into the assassination of President Kennedy by declaring that the shocking crime was the singular work of a hapless loner named Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Commission's finding ignited a controversy that rages to this very day. Praise from a Future Generation, by John Kelin, is the story of the "first generation" critics of this official explanation.

The Hearigns and Exhibits

Two months after publishing a single-volume report, the government issued a 26-volume set of Hearings and Exhibits (left). These 26 volumes of raw data became the focus of intensive study by a handful of self-selected American citizens. They found countless omissions and distortions between this official record, and the single-volume account known popularly as the Warren Report.

Some of these citizen-sleuths traveled to Dallas to get their own first-hand accounts of what had happened. They learned shocking new details, and uncovered a frightening pattern of intimidation and fear.

All of the critics reached an inescapable conclusion: there had been a conspiracy. Praise from a Future Generation recounts the efforts of these critics to be heard by an indifferent American media, and documents the ominous indications that an unseen opponent was reacting to their work.