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My personal websites have been hosted by Comcast since I started subscribing to its internet service in 2007. As most ISPs did then, Comcast offered email accounts and web hosting for customers.

On July 15, 2015 Comcast announced that it would no longer provide free web hosting for its customers, effective October 8, 2015.

Until then pieces of this site will be redirected to their new homes. Like moving one's home, I must decide what to junk, and what to keep. Then once I find suitable web hosting, I'll migrate the content over.

Grrrrrrrr, Comcast!

Midium Rare  -- John's MIDI music pages

Alison's Gardens  -- pictures of her gardens in Oakland and Sacramento

Furry Buddies  -- Alison & John's non-human roommates and visitors

RIP graphics  -- some geeky nostalgia and BBS reminiscences on ANSI and RIP art

Use of color in 1960s psychedelic posters  -- some boomer nostalgic trivia

Image adapted from the work of Jose Carlos Norte on Flickr
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