These two pictures are of the first diorama I ever made. It is a bit crude, but it still looks OK.

The bunker is a cast plaster kit from Verlinden Productions (VP), with details from VP and Tamiya. I made the ground work by cutting blue insulation foam to shape, then covering it with a layer of celuclay. The trees were made by a local hobbiest, and the small shrubs and bushes are from Woodland Scenics Inc. I finished it off with small pebbles and sand from my driveway.

Believe it or not, this one won an award in the novice catagory at a local model contest.






These next two pictures are of a diorama I made years ago, (I won't say how many years), that unfortunately doesn't exist any more. Otherwise I would have taken better pictures of it. Hopefully these are good enough so you can get some idea of the kinds of subjects I like to do dioramas of.

My idea for this one was to depict an exploration camp. I didn't have a particular place or time to represent, I was just having fun and experimenting.




This one is another experiment which didn't survive the years. I was just starting to get into armored fighting suits at this time.



Here are some pictures of another award winning diorama I created. This one is called "Milo's Day Off". Milo being the space ball having a day off for some maintenance. The award this one won was for best Sci-Fi diorama at another local model contest.

The airfield base, welding tanks, wooden crates, wires and hoses are from Verlinden Productions. The figures are a mix of VP and Tamiya. I created the service cart by combining two 1/48 scale carts from a Hasigawa airfield service set, and adding a 1/35 scale driver's seat, steering wheel, and controls. Some extra details include, static grass on the far edge of the concrete and in some of the cracks. Various tools and papers are from VP, and string soaked in Elmers glue represent tie down lines anchored at the orange circles on the concrete. For more info on "Milo", check out my Imaginary Spacecraft page.



Check back to this page soon. I have some other dioramas in the works that will find their way here.