The models on this page don't really fit into any of the other catagories on my site, hence the etc., etc., etc., title. These models are also the ones that make my collection as eclectic as it is.

Photos above and below:

This is a truck I concocted from a lot of different parts. The bed is an old fashioned railroad baggage cart in 1/24th scale from Prieser of Germany. I tacked a 1/35th scale cab to the front, added a 1/96th scale tank on the bed, and finished the details off with a small chain and wire.


These next two are from a Japanese animated movie

The first one is a giant bug, about 5 inches long, that is a plastic kit. Nicely molded and easy to build, though it took a while to mount the 50 some odd leggs!

The next is a resin kit of an armored warrior on a bird mount. This was one of the first resin kits I built. The few parts were large and heavy, but it went together well and I ended up with an unusual subject.


Yeah...........I know, It's a llama with antlers!

I know what you're thinking. What on earth could possess someone to put antlers on a llama's head? Good question.

E-mail me if you fiqure that one out!