I have always loved aircraft. Anything that flys. Therefore, a large part of my collection consists of aircraft models. A good many of these kits I have built "straight from the box", however, there are still plenty to which I add my personal touch.



This is Revell's old 1/32nd scale kit of the British Harrier jump jet. I have always had a kind of love/hate thing with Revell models. I love the larger scale, all the working/moving parts, and the subject matter which most other manufacturers won't touch. The part I hate is the fit problems and the crispness of detail that just isn't there.

With this Harrier kit, I love the subject so much, I decided to overlook the problems, (and there are some) and go ahead and build it. I added a few extra details to this one, such as the boarding ladder, engine intake covers, and missile launch rail (mounted to the fuel tank?).



Another Revell kit in 1/32nd scale. This time a Huges OH6A. Again I loved the subject so much (anything helicopters), I overlooked the problems and soldiered through the assembly. I did a lot of detailing in the interior, cut out and hinged the right rear door, and re-built the landing skids so they could hold stretchers.

If you ever build this kit, and there are a number of them out there still, be careful of the clear parts, the rotar blades and head. These have many fit problems and the rotar assembly is quite delicate.



  This one started out as a Cessna 180 series from a Japanese manufacturer, but it didn't stay that way for long. I added new exhaust pipes and an intake screen at the rear of the engine cowling, lots of interior details, external antennae and tail plane support rods. I discarded the nose wheel, moved the main gear forward and scratch built a tail wheel. The scratch built skis can pivot, and when the model is held up in the air, weights on the back of the skis pivot them so they line up with the fusalage center line.

This model depicts one of my other special interests in aviation...bush planes. I do have other bush plane models that I will try to display here soon.



Here's one where I let my imagination run wild! The gas bag is a 1/144th scale kit of the Hindenberg by AMT. The gondola beneath is a 1/20th scale concession stand from a Japanese kit. The open frame work fore and aft, engines, and flight surfaces are from a 1/48 scale model of a 1910 box kite type airplane by LifeLike. The sand bags hanging from the rails are hand grenades from the old 12 inch GI Joe! The whole thing is supported and held together with steel music wire and sewing thread.


If you think my imagination ran wild on that one, take a look at this!


If you've already visited some of my other pages on this site, you'll know I sometimes make use of the old L'eggs pantyhose containers (contributed by sisters). I opened up my parts box one day and had fun!



Another Japanese kit from an animated movie. I'll take more pictures of this one soon and add them here. Lots of great detail in this kit. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a great imagination.