Remember the old packaging for L'eggs brand pantyhose from years ago? These next few pictures are of a model based on that packaging. This is a "Crystal" ship inspired by a short story written by Fred Saberhagen.

This one was a lot of fun to build. I took parts from lots of different models, and some model railroad parts, put them all together, and came up with this little gem.






About 20 years ago, when I was in art school in Colorado, a friend of mine gave me a G.I.Joe hard hat divers helmet. During the following years, I spent a lot of time adding and deleting things to it until I came up with what you see here.

This model, (as well as the one above), is a perfect example of what I call "scale bashing". I take parts from many different models, in many different scales, and by putting these parts together in creative ways, you can come up with some very unusual, and fun designs. If you are a modeler and would like to try this sort of thing, one of the first things you will need is parts! Save all your unused kit parts. Got a broken model you were thinking of throwing out? Before you toss it, save all the usable parts from it first! Be creative, get wild, but above all........have fun!!!  





Continuing my fasination with round things, I made this model from the disk portion of the Star Trek next gen Enterprise. There is another L'eggs container for the cockpit, and the engine is from a 1/32 scale WW II era rocket plane.



What can I say about this one? It's round, it's kit bashed, it's cool............  

MILO Space Ball


This is one in a series of space balls I've made over the years. Milo is based on a weird Japanese moterised toy which would roll around on the floor, open various parts, wiggle a bit, close up, and continue to roll around until someone turned it off! I, however, had much more fun turning it into what you see here.

I ripped the guts out of it and built up a cockpit in what used to be the battery compatment. Then I scrounged through my parts box, and added all the goodies on the outside. Talk about "artistic license"! Saddly, this model did not survive all the years and moves I've made, and these B&W photos are the only ones I have of it.  



This kit started out as a 1/25 scale model of a Russian Vostok space capsual. I built the exterior pretty much straight from the box, but the interior I went wild on. As you can see, I used a 1/32 scale pilot and doctered up the ejection seat. It's a little hard to see but I also put a lot of extra detail in the interior.