This is from an old, out of production, Aurora kit. It depicts a Gemini astronaut in an early version of a Manned Manuvering Unit (MMU). NASA actually did intend to try this out during the Gemini program, but, because of cost overruns and technical problems, it was dropped until the shuttle program.
  The only things I added to this kit were the spherical, green tanks on the bottom of the MMU, and a number of thruster nozzels. The stars in the background were done by dipping an old tooth brush in white paint, then dragging a finger across the bristles to spatter the paint.


This is Monogram's (now Revell Monogram) 1\32 scale Apollo command Service Modual. A very nice kit, and the large scale means there is alot of room for added detail......which is just what I did. Lots of hoses, wires, and connectors on the inside. And some made up antennas on the outside.

The details may not be accurate, but they sure were fun. And I liked the outcome.

Lunar Modual in 1/32 scale from a Japanese manufacturer whose name escapes me. A fairly simple model, but it did come with springs in the landing legs.

I added the aluminum foil on the outside, and detailed the interior. The upper half of the center section of the assent stage lifts off to reveal the inside.