While most people model armor with the accent on accuracy, I model armor with more of an accent towards realism. The subjects I choose are not so much for their place in history, but because the design appeals to me.

The above three pictures are all 1/35 scale Tamiya versions of the ubiquitous M113 armored personel carrier. I added lots of little details to each model i.e. exhaust extensions, cast resin equipment bags, soft drink cases, maps, and rations boxes. In the bottom picture, on the left, is an M151A1 mutt. I added a futuristic scope plus machine gun to the right side of this model. It may look a bit odd, but it was sure fun creating it and making it look believable.

The pictures above and below are of Tamiya's 1/35th scale LVTP7A1. This kit, although very accurate and well detailed, did not come with an interior. I scratch built one from the then sketchy research material that I had. The result....the inside may not look the real thing, but I think it's convincing enough and I had alot of fun building it.





This model is based on a 1/35th scale M41 tank, again from Tamiya, which I acquired all ready built up from a friend. What I was doing with the chair in the turret position was experimenting with a futuristic long range laser weapon. I'm not sure how well it turned out, but it was fun designing it.