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Last Update: 11/2009
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CURRENT OCCUPATION: Game Designer for The Agency
PREVIOUS OCCUPATIONS: Senior Designer/Project Manager/Community Relations Manager/Associate Producer/Game Designer/Voice Actor/Scriptwriter/Tester for PC/Internet games. Writer/Actor/Director/FX Coordinator/Production Assistant/Craft Service for film industry.
STATS: Status: Married to wonderful woman named Candyce. 
Height: 5' 8" 
Weight: 160 lbs  
Eyes: Dark Brown  
Hair: Dark Brown  
Shoe Size: 8 1/2 
Sign: Pisces 
Favorite Color: Purple  
Eating Preference: Pseudo-Vegetarian (I can't give up Crab and Shrimp)
BIO: I was born in Rochester, New York (that's upstate, nowhere near The Big City). It was a happy childhood (except for the traumatic time, my mother dyed my milk green for St. Patricks Day) with a wonderful family. I attended Ithaca College for my degree in Film Production/Screen Writing in 1987, lived in a dorm named The Asylum and after graduating (1990) left for the West Coast. I've been playing and working out here ever since. (Go here for even more pictures)
GIFT IDEAS: Gift Ideas for 2009:  

Cash: That's right, cold hard cash. Specifically to help cover adoption costs as international adopting ain't cheap. 

Board Games: Shadows over Camelot: A Company of Knights expansion, Condottiere, Thunderstone, Alhambra, Category 5, Pit, Star Wars: Epic Duels, Cranium Expansion Pack, Through the Desert, Can't Stop, China Town, Dungeon Twister 3/4 Player Expansion, Ticket to Ride: Märklin Edition, Dungeon Lords, Middle-Earth Quest, A Game of Thrones: A Storm of Swords Expansion, Wasabi! 

Blue Ray Disks: Harry Potter and The Half blood Prince, Reign of Fire, Monty Python Seasons 3-7, Die Hard, Ghostbusters 

Computer Games: Lego Indiana Jones 2: the Adventure Continues (PS3), World of Warcraft: Wrath of Lich King Expansion (PC), Torchlight (PC), World of Warcraft Time Card 

Clothes: Boxer Shorts (M), casual button up shirts  

Other: Solor Powered outdoor walkway lights, electric razor, wireless speakers, Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard, LED Faucet Lights (see, Power Drill, digitil picture frame, foot pedals (for under desk workout, you know, like a miniexcercise bike), world peace  

iTunes credits, Gift Certificates are always good, or just ask Candyce.  

INTERESTS: Tiggers, Films, Writing, Swing, Big Band Music, Facebook, Fencing, RPGs, Blu Ray Disks/DVDs , Board Games, the Moon, Jolt Cola