Voynilov (Wojnilow), former Austria-Hungary (now Ukraine)

Voynilov (Wojnilow)

Historical and genealogy information on Voynilov and the nearby town of Bolshovtsy (Bolszowce), in Galicia, formerly part of Austria-Hungary and now part of the Ukraine.


GALICIA: Galicia is the name used in the 19th Century to describe a large area which was part of the former Austrian empire. Its population included Poles, Ukrainians and over 800,000 Jews. Galicia, located between Hungary, Poland and western Russia, has been controlled by various governments including Russia, Hungary, Poland and Austria (c. 1815). When the Austrian empire collapsed in 1918, Poland assumed control of Galicia and was recognized as the government by the Allied governments. In 1939, with Germany's attack on Poland, the Soviet Union declared the Polish state dead and took control of the western Ukraine and incorporated eastern Galicia into the U.S.S.R. When German forces attacked the U.S.S.R. and advanced as far as Lviv (German - Lemberg), Ukrainian nationalists proclaimed independence. However, the nationalists were quickly put down by the Nazi forces. The eastern Galician territory was retaken by the Soviets in 1945. Today, with the breakdown of the Soviet Union, the eastern portion of Galicia which includes Voynilov now lies in the Ukraine. This complicated political history, coupled with the Nazi slaughter of Jews in the Ukraine, has made tracing one's roots in this area exceedingly difficult.

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VOYNILOV: Voynilov is located at 49.08 N. Lat., 24.30 E. Long. (ref.: JewishGen Shtetl Seeker). Its location on a map can be seen at Mapquest. It is located 282.8 miles WSW of Kiev. It is approximately 88 km SE of Lviv. The book Where Once We Walked states that the town had a Jewish population of 944. Voynilov is located near a tributary to the Dniester River. Nearby towns/cities include Bolshovtsy (49.11N/24.45E, 94 km SE of Lviv), Kalush and Stryj. Included on this web site is a small bit of information on life in Voynilov. A picture of the Voynilov temple is also on this site.


EISENBERG, Schmiel Duvid, b. c.1852-64 in Bolshovtsy (Bolszowce), d. 19 Apr. 1917 in Voynilov, m. KIERSCHNER, Lyah, also b. c. 1862 in Bolshovtsy, d. 8 Aug. 1926 in Voynilov. Children born in Voynilov: EISENBERG, Zalmon (Samuel), Zelig (Jacob), Chaim, Mechel, Ester, Brana, Zeisel (Susan) and two other males.

EISENBERG, Avram Hairsch (Abraham), b. c. 1850 in Voynilov, d. unknown, m. Brane(Brana) ?, b. unknown, d. in Voynilov. Children b. in Voynilov: EISENBERG, Basie (Bastche), Mordche (Morris) (who married Vitchi Reinhardt, who died in Voynilov), Beryl (Benjamin), Samuel, Tillie, Leizer, Leib (Liebel/Lietel), Esther, Echie Chai, Dinchie, Surchie.

FINGERHUT, Shje, b. abt. 1872, d. unknown, m. EISENBERG, Basie, b. c.1873, d. unknown, children believed to have been born in Voynilov: FINGERHUT, Ronnia, Avraham Hairsch, Salmon (Zalmon/Solomon), Schrul (Scrul/Solche), Jennie (b. Voynilov 18 Nov. 1896, m. Jacob Eisenberg, see above), Feige (Fanny/Florence), Hannah, Sosie (Soshe/Sophie), Israel.

KIERSCHNER, Eerit (Ira) (Eisenberg?), b. in Bolshovtsy, Galicia, d. in Voynilov, m. Dude ? or Sumitchke ?, children: KIERSCHNER, Lyah (b. c.1862 in Bolshovtsy, d. 8 Aug. 1926 in Voynilov, see above re marriage), a male child, and Chanah (m. Zanvil (Zannil) Exter).

CEMETERY INFORMATION: Information on the Voynilov cemetery is available through the Association of Jewish Genealogy Societies' International Jewish Cemetery Project. The specific information on Voynilov is at Voynilov Cemetery information. This site also includes some additional historical information on Voynilov, as well as the names and telephone numbers of some official contacts there. Thanks to everyone involved in that project for this valuable information.



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