1932 Chevy 5-Window Coupe Project by John Ottman

These pictures are of my 1932 Chevy 5 Window Coupe. I haven't done much to it so they are all "before" pictures.

The body is excellent. There is no interior yet but there is a disassembled Chevy 454 Big Block going to be installed (sitting to the left of the coupe on an engine stand) a T-10 4-speed, 4.11:1 gears in the rearend from a '57 Pontiac. I plan on using the Edlebrock RPM Performer Package with the stock heads when I build the engine. The hood laying on the coupe is off the '46 chevy truck sitting in the other stall (I just needed a place to put it while I attack the engine compartment of the '46)

I have all the other body pieces not shown as well such as the front/rear fenders, hood etc...(all sitting undernetath the coupe). I will be using the grille on the far left. (I think it is a '33 though. does anyone know for sure, let me know)

Check out the action shot of me making a floor board.

I have another '32 coupe that I sold a few years ago. Click here for more.

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