Joe's World War 1 1/72 scale model airplane gallery

About 2 years ago I started playing a tabletop tactical aircraft combat game called Aerodrome. It is a simple and fun rule system for World War I air combat. The games uses 1/72nd scale aircraft mounted on telescoping antennas to indicate altitude. Playing the game got me interested in getting back into modeling, which I had done as a kid. It was a good chance to involve my son in a hobby. Sice then I have built over 20 models and have a backlog of over 40. It keeps me busy at my desk while I play my online chess games and read the Aerodrome Online Games form posts.

To see more on Aerodrome visit Aerodrome Online.

Table of contents / images:

German Fokker DVII or DVIIa

German Fokker DVIIf

German Fokker Dr.I

I really liked the Revell Fokker Dr.I kit. Nice detail, yet not as difficult to assemble as a Roden.
I painted it as the mandatory Baron MVR red triplane. Turned out nice.
I also did a second Fokker Dr.I from Roden in Olive. Very nice kit and good detail. Turned out nice
The third Dr.I is another Revel, this one is red and black with home made custom decals.

German Fokker E.III

German Albatros D.III

German Albatros D.V \ D.Va

German LFG Roland C-11

Here is a second Roland I did. The crew turned out quite nice and the paint job is much better. This is one of 4 I am working on:

German Pfalz D.III

German Phonix D.I

German LFG Roland D.II

German Hannover CL.IIIa

German Junkers D.1

The Junkers D.1 was historically painted in a camofluge pattern of either mauve and green or mauve and grey. I was skeptical of mauve, so went with a heavy grey leopard pattern and I like the result. This is a Pegasus model, which came without the roll bars, machinegun flash surpressors, and the undercarriage struts and spreaders for the landing gear, so I scratch built them from sheet styrene and brass bar.

German Pfalz DXII

This is a Pfalz DXII by Pegasus. Intersting kit in that it comes with white metal struts and front grill. It did not come with landing gear strusts, so I had to fabricate from brass bar. I did a simple paint scheme with minimal rigging.

German Siemens-Schuckert D.III and D.IV

Below are two Siemens-Schuckerts. The first is the D.III and the second the D.IV.
The D.III is a Pegasus model, while the D.IV is an Eastern Express rip off off a Togo kit.

German Observation Balloon (Drachen)

I found a resin kit of a German observation balloon. Simple little build. Probably 1/100th scale.

French Nieuport 11 Bebe - Dec 2009 Richmond IPMS Chapter 1st Place

I built this old Aurora 1/48 scale Nieuport 11 Bebe with Le Prieur rockets for the 2009 IPMS Richmond Christmas challenge. The theme was "Red, White, and Blue". So what could be better that a French plane with fireworks!? The competition was tough, but I won 1st place. For this kit I did scratch built interior struts, repositioned the flaps, replaced the exhaust with copper tube, built rocket brackets from sheet brass, and wired up the electrical ignition with thin copper wire for every rocket.

French Nieuport 28 C-1

Here is a seconf Nieuport 28 I did using he airbrush.

French Bruguet 14b2

British RAF SE5a

I'd been looking for a Bruguet model for a while and finally snagged one on eBay. The model is a Pegasus, so piece casting and fit was terrible, but with a lot of sanding, sheet styrene, and patience I got it done. The rigging came out nice. I used two machine guns left over from a Roden kit and scratch built mounting for dual rear MG.

British Sopwith Triplane

British Sopwith Snipe

British Bristol F2.b Scout

British Martinsyde F.4 "Buzzard"

The Martinsyde "Buzzard" was introduced late in WW1 (1918). This model is a Czech Master Resin model of the F.4. This was a very nice casting with excellent accuracy and details.

British De Havilland D.H. 4

MPC made a very nice kit of the De Havilland D.H. 4. It has decent detail at 1/72 scale and comes with a load of four bombs. The D.H. 4 came in both single rear gun and dual rear gun configurations. I raided another kit for the second gun for this D.H. 4. I also used a piece of guitar wire to add a fuel line from the under-wing fuel tank.

Here is a second MPC kit. the first build I got the rigging wrong in a number of areas. This kit corrects the elevator cables and the rudder cables.

Russian Anatra Anasal DS

The Anatra Anasal DS was a two seat recon plane that carried three machineguns. This is the old Red Star model, which I really enjoyed building. It went together very well and is a pretty cool looking plane. I bought a second since the first was a fun build.


This SPAD was completed in November 2009 with a very simple French Beige paint scheme, but livened up with the Glove and the Blue Meanies icons.

This SPAD XIII I did in a simple three tone camo pattern. Real basic and not much frill.

Australian Avro 504k trainer

A British Sopwith Camel

And a Sopwith F/3 Comic

Kate's first model - a British Sopwith Camel by Academy

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