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Thirteen Curses (and other love poems)

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T.J. Beitelman's Thirteen Curses (and other love poems)
Winner of the 2008 Annual Dream Horse Press Chapbook Competition
ISBN 978-0-9777182-8-3


Praise for Thirteen Curses (and other love poems)


"Incantatory, Beitelman transmutes betrayal’s metals—its angers and devastations, its cries for vengeance and vindication—to a finer, rarer coin, marrying the apothegmatic punch of the curse to the sonnet’s synoptic concern. These are finally indispensible, unspendable reminders of poems’ powers to shape the world around them."
 Jake Adam York


"T. J. Beitelman becomes 'Little Boy Britches // To Love’s reedy switch' in his /Thirteen Curses/. These lacunae-like fragments, in their little meditations, mutter that 'The earth is not round | But heart-shaped / and broken'. It might be that upon reading this simple, honest, straightforward collection, the reader will recognize the 'cello of our discontent' described throughout and suddenly snap in to the realization that 'If the world were not round you would not be // on top of me.' "
C. J. Sage


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