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Burned House with Swimming Pool

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Lisa Lewis's Burned House with Swimming Pool
Winner of the 2008 American Poetry Journal Book Prize
ISBN 978-0-9821155-9-6

Praise for Burned House with Swimming Pool


"You will be impressed by the intelligent, arresting poems in Burned House With Swimming Pool. They are so finely crafted their language shapes the public voice of personal experience with both clarity and complexity. In the poet’s coming to grips with the successes and failures of middle age and middle America, she views life with the microscopic intensity only great writers can achieve."

Praise for Lisa Lewis


"Lewis’s work is as much about the human spirit’s capacity to survive the daily grind as it is about what is sanded down, pulverized, or lost . . . It’s impossible not to admire the gutsy writer behind the work. "
—Paja Faudree, Village Voice


"[Lewis’s] hard-edged voice is all her own, and it does not falter as she considers the difficulties of female sexuality, gender and human isolation . . . Guided by her best gifts, ‘anger and strength and persistence,’ Lewis prevails."
Publishers Weekly


"The longing in Lisa Lewis’s poems is real not only in the full narrative argument of her lines but in the mindful ambivalence she feels about her body—its sexuality, mortality, earth-transcendence. It is as if she were trying to write her way into silence as well as finding her way from silence, and this is that poetry."
Stanley Plumly


"There’s true grandeur in Lisa Lewis’s steely and unremitting poetry of moral imprecation, of courageous, self-scrutinizing consciousness, of necessary speech and revelatory silence, of sacred passion."
Edward Hirsch


"The remarkable dynamism of this book comes partly from the struggle it enacts between the confessional and postmodern modes. As the title Vivisect suggests, Lewis often seems to slice right into the living body, exposing the heart itself still beating with its dark secrets. But if language is the scalpel, it is also the flesh, offering at times a tough or slippery resistance, and revealing, when penetrated, more language that leads in multiple and unexpected directions, yet, like the mind, keeps circling back irresistibly to the troubling subjects it most wants to avoid. The result is rich, powerful, and complex poetry that gathers more weight with each reading."
Jeffrey Harrison


Burned House with Swimming Pool

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