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Body Tapestries

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S. D. Lishan's Body Tapestries
Winner of the 2005 Orphic Prize for Poetry
ISBN 0-9777182-1-2

Praise for Body Tapestries


“And so on . . . and sew on,” sings S. D. Lishan in the impish introduction to Body Tapestries. His fabulous poetry-narrative is woven just so out of caterpillar silk and human sinew alike. I hear strains of Lewis Carroll in these lyrical verses, a touch of Ogden Nash in Lishan’s serious-silly style, and perhaps a dash of Theodore Roethke in the bestiary cast. Here are monkey boys, wolf-kings, and a princess of waterfall, yet under the allegory ripples a real story of love and loss, where a “moon of sorrow” shines over a world of metaphor, where even “words [can] become a kiss.” This vibrant poet sings until his very words transform—words that are playful, inventive, and as in all the best songs, as serious as the muscle of the heart.  David Baker


With Body Tapestries, S. D. Lishan has recovered and resuscitated the sonnet sequence for the post-postmodern palate, riffing both its familiar form and theme into delicious textures and lush music—and all of this infused with irresistible eros. In keeping with the moment, these poems are at once heartbreaking and occasions of vertiginous joy.  Scott Cairns


If John Berryman’s Henry had a child with Alice of Alice in Wonderland, their child might, if he were raised on the Brothers Grimm, Yeats, H. P. Lovecraft, and the Book of Genji, dream a sonnet sequence almost as strange and marvelous as S. D. Lishan’s multi-voiced and multifarious Body Tapestries, a book unique in contemporary American poetry for its compulsive mixture of fantasy and realism, the surreal and the hardboiled, and the transporting exhilaration of its otherworldliness. Andrew Hudgins


Body Tapestries

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