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Scoring the Silent Film

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Keith Montesano's Scoring the Silent Film

ISBN 978-1-935716-29-7

Praise for Scoring the Silent Film


In each poem in Scoring the Silent Film, Keith Montesano uses a peripheral character in a film by such varied directors as Michael Haneke, Steven Spielberg, Wes Craven and Ang Lee to draw a deeper meaning from a fleeting scene. The poems make time stop—in the middle of madness, violence, action—long enough for us to realize how much a human life is worth. In doing so, Montesano turns the rich history of film into brilliant, unforgettable poems.
 Jesse Lee Kercheval


"Though the poems in this ambitious collection spring from the author’s abiding love of movies, their obsession is ultimately with our humanity. Violence—both realistic and fantastic—is ever-present, and emerging from the looming shadow of that violence are urgent meditations on empathy, inaction, fear, faith, and guilt. Keith Montesano has mingled the mediums of film and poetry and given us something utterly new. Scoring the Silent Film unspools before us, a poetic tour-de-force, mesmerizing and shot through with light."
Brian Barker


"In The personas found in Keith Montesano’s Scoring the Silent Film are in the voices of victims, neighbors, friends, and other shattered lives, some of who survive wearing long scars of their traumas. And yet despite these harrowing circumstances, Montesano's interpretations of characters are rendered with a profound sense of empathy as he holds the lens of his poetic gifts up close to the turbulent landscape of cinema violence, and shows us that there is still the possibility of blossoms among the ash."Oliver de la Paz


  About the Author:

Keith Montesano is the author of the poetry collection Ghost Lights (Dream Horse Press, 2010). He recently earned his PhD in English and creative writing from Binghamton University, and currently lives in New York with his wife. Find more at www.keithmontesano.com


  From Scoring the Silent Film:



The Author as Landlord Who Finds Majid’s Body an Hour After He’s Slit His Throat in Caché 

After the film by Michael Haneke


Lord, the blood. There is no blessing for this. Black
        is the color, & the gasoline I smell with this ending—
exhaust, colorless, billowing in, the one curtain limp
        & convulsing after seconds. I saw him rarely, slow walk
out the door, his face saying nothing. If what I can sense
        tells me I’m alive, I don’t know what I would choose.
The blade fell from his hand. Blood scythes the jambs.
        They say not to touch anything, & with a towel over
my face, who to call first? No one can know about
        closed doors. No one will know what happened here.
If we believe the movies: his ghost wavered, wrenched
        from his body, plans never to be made, & maybe
a son to make decisions, to come up with money, time
        for something proper, some incessant new beginning.



Scoring the Silent Film

Copyright © 2013 Keith Montesano

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