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The Book of Evil


Jason Bredle's The Book of Evil

Winner of the 2010 Dream Horse Press National Chapbook Prize

ISBN 978-1-935716-09-9


The Book of Evil

from the back cover:

I introduced my cat to my principal. He was unimpressed. Mom’s worried I may be obsessed with cats. I’ve explained to her it’s not cats in general but Snickers and it’s not an obsession but a meaningful and rewarding friendship. He likes to sit in my basket and ride my bike with me. She says it’s the neighbor’s cat and we have an unhealthy relationship. I know I’m going to outlive him and it hurts to think about it. I created a world I wanted Snickers to believe in but I also believe in that world. Sometimes I imagine him on his own chasing birds in a field. It rains and he finds a barn to sleep inside. If he were alone long enough, would he come looking for me? I’ll never forget when we met. I could hear his cries from the neighbor’s apartment, so I slipped him a note under the door. Hi, it said. I’m your neighbor, and I like you.


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