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The Dauber Wings

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Theodore Worozbyt's The Dauber Wings
Winner of the 2006 American Poetry Journal Book Prize
ISBN 0-9777182-1-2

Praise for The Dauber Wings


“There’s a love of process in these poems — how a meal is made, how language evolves, how memory shapes a life — which places me deeply within this poet’s expansive vision. Worozybt writes “we push into the real/world of things by an action/of the hand, the lips, the tongue,” and gracefully articulates the moments in which he sees these connections being made and sustained. In this long overdue book, he also demonstrates an unusual range of style and diction; this poet has subtlety and force, can be direct and quiet or mysterious and electric. This is a wonderful debut by a poet whose work I’ve enjoyed for years."
 Bob Hicok


Here exultant, there despondent, everywhere fully receptive to the world’s weird plenty, Worozbyt instructs and delights in a dazzling but never decorative language that Roethke would have envied. I keep thinking of a line of Wordsworth’s—”Not without hope we suffer and we mourn”—probably because these poems prove its truth. 
Joel Brouwer


Always deeply felt, lovely and wise, the poems in Theodore Worozbyt’s The Dauber Wings are secret and tender and full of ache; they lacerate and sing, they lull and soothe. Every line has a lapidary grace. This is the rare first book that feels completely accomplished, less like a debut and more like a gift.
Paul Guest


The Dauber Wings

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