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The Small Anything City

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Cynthia Arrieu-King's The Small Anything City
Winner of the 2006 Annual Dream Horse Press Chapbook Competition
ISBN 0-978-0-9777182-8-3

Praise for The Small Anything City


"I admire Cindy King’s elegance. She has a forked tongue, but both sides speak so eloquently, and both contribute to the quiet beauty of her poems.  She speaks with the off-handed lightness and omnivorousness of Frank O’Hara, and somehow, also, with the quiet precision of Elizabeth Bishop. “A bomb went off.  The ferry started to sink”, she says; big things happen in these poems, and tiny things happen in these poems. The equanimity with which she wraps all of them up together in her voice is beautiful."
 Matthew Rohrer


"In Cindy King's poems there's a surprise in every couple of lines, Things move fast, and a cool wittiness informs everything—call it postmodern 
metaphysical.  This is an auspicious first collection."
Ed Ochester


The Small Anything City

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