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  • The APJ is happy to announce that M.B. McLatchey's poem "1-800-THE-LOST" is winner of the 2011 American Poet Prize and will appear in issue 12 of the American Poetry Journal.

  • The APJ has nominated the following six poems for a Pushcart Prize:

    “The Folly of Mercutio in a Pacifist Town” – Phoebe Reeves (Issue 10), “Erasure” – Ralph Angel (Issue 10), “Winter Suite: Dreams Around My Brother” – Sondra Kohler (Issue 11), “Ford Fairlane” – RT Smith (Issue 11), “The Lord You Won’t Forgive…” – David Dodd Lee (Issue 11), “And Finally” – Lightsey Darst (Issue 11).   Congratulations and good luck!!!

  • Issue 11 of the American Poetry Journal features works by: Andrea Henchey, Andrew Sage, Lisa Fay Coutley, Sandra Kohler, Kate Hanson Foster, Rachel McKibbens, Jeremy Halinen, John Estes, Lee Rossi, Kyle McCord & Jeannie Hoag, John McKernan, Bill Neumire, David Dodd Lee, RT Smith, Lois Marie Harrod, Andrew Cox, Katherine Williams, Lara Candland, Katy Waldman, Wendy Xu, Scot Siegel, Lightsey Darst, William Reichard, Arra Lynn Ross, James Cihlar, Sam Woodworth, Rebecca Foust and cover art by Craig Kosak.  This issue is another "flip" issue where you get a copy of The National Poetry Review simply by flipping the magazine over!

  • The APJ is excited to announce Dorine Jennette as its new Editor.

  • Issue 10 of the American Poetry Journal features works by: Katie Jean Shinkle, Rebecca Kinzie Bastian, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Sandra Kohler, William F. Holden, Lia Brooks, Kate Hanson Foster, Rachel McKibbens, Alan Jude Moore, Kerri French, Kevin Simmonds, Octavio Quintanilla, Christian Nagel, Phoebe Reeves, Judith Skillman, Alicia Vandevorst, Rebecca Aronsen, Mike White, Aleah Sato, David Thacker, Michael Meyerhofer, Eleanor Swanson, Matt Summers, Keith Montesano, Julie L. Moore, Lois P. Jones, Emma Bolden, Tina Schumann, Ralph Angel; and reviews of books by Kristin Naca, John Miczeski, Saron Bryan, Beth Bachmann, Cecilia Woloch, D.A. Powell and David Trinidad, C.K. Williams, Jim Reese, Grace Cavelieri and Sabine Pascarelli.

  • The winner of the 2010 American Poet Prize is Katy Waldman for her poem, “Regarding Astrological Bodies.” Her poem will appear in the 2011 APJ.

  • The APJ is excited to announce James Cihlar as its new Review Editor. Mr. Cihlar writes the kind of reviews we'd like to see more of in the APJ. In addition to writing reviews himself, he will consider all candidates to the Reviewer-at-Large positions as well as selections by RaLs and unsolicited reviews.

    James Cihlar is the author of Undoing, and his poems have appeared in Painted Bride Quarterly, Quercus, Bloom, Minnesota Monthly, Northeast, The James White Review, Briar Cliff Review, Verse Daily, and in the anthologies Aunties (Ballantine), Regrets Only (Little Pear Press), and Nebraska Presence (Backwaters Press). His reviews have appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and on the poetry site Coldfront. The recipient of a Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowship for Poetry and a Glenna Luschei Award from Prairie Schooner, Cihlar lives in St. Paul.

  • After months of mismatched software versions, computer crashes and general bad luck we've perservered and the new issue of the APJ will hit the streets!   All the hard work and behind the scenes extra efforts has made it possible for the APJ to combine forces with The National Poetry Review, to make it so that two great magazines now share one binding.   They remain separate staffs, ISSNs and editorial styles.  When you buy an APJ, if you flip it over, it becomes the TNPR.  Both are issue No. 9.  Yes you can almost hear Ringo in the background” …number nine…number nine… number nine…”

    The latest issue of APJ features works by: Alan Peterson, Priscilla Becker, Cori Winrock, Katherine Soniat, Richard Garcia, John Pursley III, Patrick Carrington, Chad Prevost, Derold Sligh, Lisa Martin, Shanan Ballam, Eileen G'Sell, Patricia Barone, Catherine Esposito Prescott, Lea Graham, Sandy Longhorn, S.D. Lishan, Marie Gauthier, Karen Carrissimo, James Doyle, Carol Thistlehwaite, Lindsay Wilson, Amit Majmudar, Karina Borowicz, Laura Paul, Kim Bridgeford, M. A. Schaffner, Barbara Westwood Diehl, Kimberly Ann Rogers, Tarfia Faizullah, Carrie Shippers, Jason Lee Brown, Lucy Biederman, John P. Kristofco, Cherry Pickman, Dan Rosenberg, Felino Soriano, Yun Wang, Dana Curtis, Angela Vogel, Victoria Bosch Murray, Fritz Ward, Jessie Lendinnie, and a terrific cover by Ginger Fox!

  • The American Poetry Journal congratulates Tina Schumann living in Seattle, Washington for winning the 2009 American Poet Prize with her poem “Calculations.” Ms. Schumann will receive a prize of $500 and thewinning poem will appear in the next issue of The American PoetryJournal, No. 10.

  • Do you Facebook? Join the APJ group and get latest announcements: American Poetry Journal on Facebook

  • The American Poetry Journal congratulates Allan Peterson living in Florida for winning the 2008 American Poet Prize with his poem “Precautions.” Mr. Peterson will receive a prize of $500 and the winning poem will appear in the next issue of The American Poetry Journal, No. 9.

  • APJ #8 (V5,I1) is now available!  The issue is in our new expanded format, perfect bound, and features: poetry by Bruce Cohen, Rebecca Aronson, Marilyn Annucci, Kathleen Lynch, Rob Carney, Mil Norman-Risch, Belinda Subraman, Jennifer Sullivan, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Tom Holmes, Nicole Walker, Lisa Markowitz, Jason Bredle, Brent Calderwood, Philip Memmer, Elisabeth Murawski, Judy Kronenfeld, Keith Montesano, Kyle McCord, Ronda Broatch, Judith Skillman, James Doyle, Doug Sutton-Ramspeck, Daniel Bowman Jr., Caki Wilkinson, Nancy Burke, Olivia Clare, Jacqueline Marcus, Adam Vines, Alba Cruz-Hacker, Sarah J. Sloat, Michael Ogletree, Hannah Craig, Mitchell Metz, T. Zachary Cotler, Cindy Beebe, Mary Moore, Karen An-hwei Lee, Lesley Jenike, Susan Meyers, John Minczeski, Andrew Demcak, Nick Courtright, C.J. Sage, Steven D. Schroeder; Reviews by Amanda Auchter on Human Dark with Sugar by Brenda Shaughnessy, Brent Caulderwood on Field Folly Snow By Cecily Parks, Virginia Konchan on NOMINA by Karen Volkmann, Carol Peters on The Wave-Maker by Elizabeth Spires, Phebe Davidson on National Anthem by Kevin Prufer, Nancy A. Henry on Letters of Transit by Theodore Worozbyt, Jeannine Hall Gailey on Wayfare by Pattiann Rogers; Cover art by Paul Schulenburg

  • APJ Volume 4, Issue 1 is now available.  The issue features works by Naveed Alam, Lea Banks, Nicolas A. Destino, Patricia Fargnoli, Lola Haskins, Melissa Holm, Jennifer Juneau, Dorianne Laux, Jeffrey Levine, Anne Power, Doug Ramspeck, C. J. Sage, Natasha SajÚ, Sarah J. Sloat, Alexandra van de Kamp, and Adam Edison Watkins

  • Congratulations to Theodore Worozbyt, his second book, Letters of Transit, won the Juniper Prize in 2007 and will be published in 2008. His book is due out in early 2008, from the University of Massachusetts Press.

  • Congratulations to Matthew Guenette, the winner of the APJ Book Prize for his manuscript, Sudden Anthem

  • All previous issue and future issues are now indexed by the INDEX OF AMERICAN PERIODICAL VERSE ( Lanham , MD : Scarecrow Press).

  • APJ Volume 3, Issue 2 is now out and available! The issue features art by Stephen Moody and poetry by Juda Bennett, Sarah Blackman, Kim Bridgford, Jehanne Dubrow, DGB Featherkile, Rodney Gomez,
    Christina Lovin, Judy Kronenfeld, Bob McHeffey, Corey Mesler, Robert Moyer, Matthew Olzmann, Robert Parham, Susan Richmond, Jay Rubin, C. J. Sage, Robert Simon, John Thomas, and Eliot Khalil Wilson.

  • The American Poetry Journal congratulates Sarah Blackman living in Alabama for winning the 2006 American Poet Prize with her poem “Digitalis.” Ms. Blackman will receive a prize of $300 and the winning poem will appear in the next issue of The American Poetry Journal, Volume 3, Issue 2.

  • APJ Volume 3, Issue 1 is now out and available! The issue features art by Nancy Christy-Moore and poetry by Stuart Bartow, Ronda Broatch, Debra Bruce, Jacob Burd, Linda Hillman Chayes, Heather Dobbins, M. Frost, Kelle Groom, Gayle Ellen Harvey, Joseph Heithaus, Anne McGrath Hochberg, Tom C. Hunley, Sari Krosinsky, Greg McBride, D.O. Moore, Brianna Noll, Rebecca Patrascu, F. D. Reeve, Lauren Rusk, Steven D. Schroeder, Lori Sudeck, Sara Talpos, Susan Varnot, Joseph Voth, Grace Wilentz.






What people are saying about APJ:

APJ #10:

...J.P. Dancing Bear edits the journal with the same lyrical beauty and depth he employs in his writing. A wealth of poets grace the journal as well as some solid reviews, all generously gift wrapped in a stunning cover entitled "Jewel Harp" rendered by artist Timothy Martin, known for his fabulous flights of fancy.

—Ami Kaye 

"...It's [APJ#10] a joy, a pleasure & an unending delight!"

— Carolyn Patricia Richardson

APJ #8:

"I'm thoroughly enjoying APJ #8, especially the poems Jennifer Sullivan, Phil Memmer, and Susan Meyers. Great job on this issue."

— Scott Owens

APJ v2i2:

"I just received the latest issue of APJ and I had to write to you! This issue is wonderful again. I’m so used to seeing mediocre poetry wrapped in a glitzy package and sold as great, but your magazine is the real
deal. APJ has restored my faith in poetry magazines. I believe again! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"

— Richard Johnson

APJ v2i1:

"Another fine issue. The opening poem is a real find. I am happy to see some familiar names and their contributions. As always, every time I read APJ, I am struck with an urge to go write a million poems... Thank you for making APJ worth every penny and more every time out of the gate."

— Justin Evans

APJ v1i2:

"I just finished Issue Two, and have to tell you how impressed I am.  ... this is wonderful, cover to cover. Some poets I already follow avidly, and some wonderful new (to me) introductions. Very well done indeed.

The bit on the website about sevenlings, and the introduction to Roddy Lumsden, are also much appreciated.

Thank you, thank you, thank you"

— Jennifer Thorton

APJ v1i1:

“The twenty-nine poems (by sixteen writers) benefit from careful lay-out. The book contains little in the way of the short-line lyrics that generally fill independent literary magazines.…And nature and mythology are subjects referred to by more than one poem in the issue. To APJ’s credit, there is little pretension in the treatments of these subjects.
Literary Magazine Review, Vol. 22, No. 3