Books by J. P. Dancing Bear

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Family of Marsupial Centaurs (Iris Publishing Group,   2012)

Inner Cities of Gulls (SalmonPoetry,   2010)

Conflicted Light (SalmonPoetry, 2008)

Billy Last Crow (Turning Point, 2004)

forthcoming titles:

Fish Singing Foxes (SalmonPoetry, 2012)



Gacela of Narcissus City (Main Street Rag, 2006)

What Language (Slipstream Press, 2002)

Blue Hand (Pudding House Press, 2002)

Gods of America (Laughing Bear, 2001)

Prospero in Therapy (Dream Horse Press, 1999)

Disjointed Constellations (Toth Press, 1998)

From a Reconstructed Dream (Toth Press, 1996)