J. P. Dancing Bear

Conflicted Light

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"Dancing Bear’s Conflicted Light comes from a ‘scarred and nicked lyre,’ a voice nimble and anxious and loving that comforts us while we’re ‘waiting for a sign.’ An excellent collection.”
—Terese Svoboda







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"Using myth, politics, nature, and art, J.P. Dancing Bear asks questions that can only be asked through poetry. These accomplished and various poems feature sure-handed lines and vivid images. J.P. Dancing Bear has an ear for 'the inner tones of the world' and an eye that sees 'aspens turning into an imitation of fire' and 'bullfrog stars hunger[ing] for crickets.' Conflicted Light reveals the vitality of contemporary American verse. "
—Natasha SajÚ




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Reviewed by Jeannine Hall Gailey

Reviewed by Nancy Cambell

Reviewed by Jaqueline Marcus