Dream Horse Press

The Florida Letters

Ryan G. Van Cleave
ISBN 0-9659307-2-6
  $6.00 + s/h
limited edition

Artwork by Bob Dornberg

Praise for The Florida Letters:

"This is a supple, lyrical, and smart collection of poems.
I'm impressed by Mr. Van Cleave's lean but muscular line.
In The Florida Letters, the author assumes his place
among a continuum of poetic voices and its reciproca
l correspondence between the living and the dead, and
he convinces us he belongs there."

— Gaylord Brewer

"Perhaps every lover of poetry has felt a strangeness, an
alienation both painful and exciting, that occurs after one
senses that only the voice of the poem will ever be as close
to one's private ear as the voice of another can be.
Ryan G. Van Cleave has given us a sequence of poems
... that gives flesh to the abstract intimacy between reader
and writer by imagining that intimacy to be a dialogue in
which the reader is not passive, but is answering in a language
beautiful and necessary....'"

— Christopher Davis

"The Florida Letters is a lush, graceful, and imaginative
work. Van Cleave is a fine poet."

— C. J. Sage

"This supple, lyrical book set my toes tingling.
Ryan G. Van Cleave's alert intelligence executes poetic
movement as carefully choreographed verses....the reader
can sit back and enjoy the exceptional, for Van Cleave
inspires our senses in every way....Ryan G. Van Cleave's
versifying opens eyes. His vision is generous in giving,
readily accessible....If you only order one book in six
months, you should inquire about this slender volume
from the publisher. Excellent!"

— Joyce Metzger


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