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New Fables, Old Songs
Winner of the 2002 National Poetry Chapbook Prize

Rob Carney

ISBN 0-9659307-6-9
28 pages
$8.00 + s/h
limited edition
Artwork by Bob Dornberg

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Praise for New Fables, Old Songs:

"Rob Carney's New Fables, Old Songs is a great
chapbook. Fables are the stories of our bones; their
marrow-wisdom of metaphor and symbol allows us to
make sense of the world. Song is the sensual music of
the same, the syncopation in our skeletons. These
poems have both—the marrow of myth coupled
with a contemporary playfulness that beats the bones
together and sings. I highly recommend this book."

— Tod Marshall

"Mixing his own signal styles of myth and music,
with New Fables, Old Songs Rob Carney
treats the reader to a poetry unique and entirely
captivating, rapturous even in the midst of
unhappiness. His rhyme is internal, his rhythm
is native, his representations are raw. Just the
right sense of the strange, an attention to sound,
and homage to both oral and written traditions
distinguish this fine collection. To borrow the title
line from one of the most wonderful poems in the
book: the man has a heart like a kite. But no
matter how many crashes and rips, ties and
retries, still he fights to launch beautiful letters,
even if only to the wind. So grab the string and
hang on tight for a lively new view of old lands."

— C. J. Sage

"This is a charming book. I feel as if I have been listening to Yehudi Menuhin playing wildly voracious, but passionately tender, music....Order your copy today."

— Joyce Metzger

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